Surplus Equipment Bid - Cemetery Truck

Sealed bids for Cemetery Truck will be received by the City of Negaunee. Bids accepted until 10:15am ET on May 1, 2024.

Cemetery Truck Front Cemetery Truck Back

City of Negaunee
Attn:     Judy Iwanski
P.O. Box 70
319 W. Case Street
Negaunee, MI, 49866



Individuals are welcome to stop to view the surplus equipment located at the DPW Office, 600 Cherry Street in Negaunee. Monday through Friday, 6:30am to 2:45pm.

Individuals please clearly mark “BID ENCLOSED – Cemetery Truck” on the outside envelope of sealed bid

The Individuals Name, Address, Phone Number shall also be clearly marked on the bid.

Failure to make payment for the item within 3 days of the Bid Opening will result in bid rejection, and the city will select the next highest bidder.

All bids must be Mailed or Hand-Delivered; email or fax bids will be not be accepted.

The Bid Form is attached.

File bid_-_cemetery_truck.docx201.14 KB