The discovery of iron ore by an exploratory mining party near the shore of Teal Lake in 1844 launched the birth of the City of Negaunee. Native Americans who had long resided in and traversed the area led the explorers to the massive outcropping of ore. Their heritage lives on in the name of Negaunee, which means “pioneer” in Chippewa.

The Jackson Mine was established in 1845 in Negaunee to mine the iron ore which would be shipped to steel making plants. The first iron forge in the Lake Superior region was established soon after in Negaunee as well.

The community grew. In 1858, Negaunee was given a post office. In 1865, Negaunee was incorporated as a town and in 1868 the first police force was formed. 1873 marks the year Negaunee was recognized as a city. As mining operations expanded, many immigrants helped settle the area, bringing with them rich traditions that remain today.

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