Codification Project Complete

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The Negaunee City Council recently held a public hearing on the codification of the city ordinances at their last regular meeting on July 14. Codification is the process of arranging laws or rules according to a system or plan.

“According to the city charter, this process is supposed to take place every two-years. Unfortunately, the last time this was undertaken was in 1999”, City Manager Heffron said.

The city hired American Legal to tackle this issue. American Legal made updates to any ordinances that had been changed, eliminated, or added to the code over the past 23-years 

Additional, benefits of working with this firm includes an online database that can be used by anyone to review and research city ordinances and the city charter, as well as accessing an online searchable tab bar that makes finding ordinances easier.  

American Legal will also provide quarterly updates to the code should any additional changes be made afterwards, preventing long overdue updates.

Those interested in experiencing this new method of reviewing the city’s code or ordinances can go to the city’s website (, or follow this link

Questions concerning this release may be directed to the attention of the City Manager, Nate Heffron at (906) 475-7700 ext. 11.